What happens to the old bathroom suite and waste from the project?
Unless there is anything you want to keep it all goes into a skip on site.


What can’t we do?
Most things are achievable dependent on budget and time-scale.


Will our new shower need a pump?
Most showers benefit from a pump, unless you have a combi boiler, which should give you the same performance.


Do you do wet rooms?
Generally, wet rooms are more costly to install due to the materials used to seal the room, but you do get a very modern and easy to clean result.


What about under-floor heating?
We use the Devi mat electric system for use with ceramic tiles, which in a small room is economic to install and run.


Do you guarantee the work?
All workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years.

Can you fit a bathroom in our loft?
Within reason; we have fitted bathrooms in lofts, cellars, stables and once in an old three foot by eight foot vestry!

How does Howdens design service work?
We arrange a time, convenient with you, and a designer comes to you and covers all your requirements making the most of your space and budget.